Valmy, NV


Located in the heart of Northern Nevada’s “Cowboy Country,” Valmy lies approximately 30 miles east of Winnemucca and 15 miles West of Battle Mountain.  Valmy and the surrounding area, including Winnemucca and Battle Mountain, offer a variety of activities that are sure to satisfy all from the outdoorsman to the high-roller.  The Valmy area is true open space and “Cowboy Country” U.S.A. 

Valmy Station

A small town to its core, Valmy fulfills the needs of its small local population with a one-stop grocery, restaurant, fuel, post office, bar and gaming.  Next door are the offices and maintenance facility for Tri-Systems Trucking, Inc., a trucking company specializing in large-volume mine ore hauling.  Together Tri-Systems and the Marigold Mine Works, approximately three miles south, provide steady economic activity, jobs, and road maintenance on Valmy Road.


At Valmy there is an RV park, rest area, and a Department of Transportation maintenance facility.  In nearby larger towns, such as Winnemucca and Battle Mountain, you’ll find Wal-Mart, Ace and True Value Hardware stores, hotels and motels, fine dining, fast food, lumber yards, movie theatres, and all the other conveniences of a large city.

Valmy Motorcycle at Sunset
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